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The Louisiana Stock Horse Association was started by fellow horsemen to offer affordable, fun, and standardized ranch horse riding clinics and competitions.

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Mission Statement....(See Rule Book)
Clinics - Offer riders affordable, fun and standardized riding clinics in various locations in the state, where stock horse maneuvers are identified and rider knowledge and skills are taught (to maximize horses trainability, performance and safety), so that riders can develop nicer horses, improve their on-the-job performance, and enhance their riding pleasure.

Competitions/Evaluations - Offer riders standardized, practical, low-key, low-cost measurement tests, where horse performance is measured against a clearly defined standard, and rider skills are assessed against a proficiency standard, so that riders can make maximal rider skill progress in the most time efficient manner.

Positive Atmosphere - Provide all programs, activities and projects in the atmosphere of honesty, openness, personal growth and politeness toward fellow horseman, where horses are always respected, and where true western tradition is genuinely honored.



Working Cow

Ranch Pleasure

Ranch Trail

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LaSH is an APHA Paint Alternative Competition Affiliate. PAC forms available at the shows.

SHOT has videos of the working cow, pleasure, trail, and reining education classes. See them all at Stock Horse of Texas Association!

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